On March 1st, 2017, the 18th LD Democrats passed a resolution in support of an I-5 Bridge Replacement Project.



WHEREAS, the I-5 bridge is designated as part of a national defense interstate highway system serving the west coast from Canada to Mexico, including Washington, Oregon, and California and is the primary corridor serving the Vancouver/Portland metropolitan area; and


WHEREAS, this critical component of the I-5 corridor recently turned 100 years old and is rated as being functionally obsolete, distressed and seismically inadequate; and


WHEREAS, the I-5 bridge replacement project, will involve collaboration of both states, regional agencies, and public and private actors within each state; and


WHEREAS, travel time conditions along the I-5 corridor in Vancouver continue to deteriorate and total traffic crossings of the Columbia River bridges on I-5 hit an all-time high, as measured and reported by the Regional Transportation Council’s Congestion Monitoring Report (2016); and


WHEREAS, existing traffic congestion in the I-5 bridge corridor is negatively impacting the economies of Southwest Washington and the Vancouver/Portland metropolitan area, including businesses and industries that are designated industries of regional and statewide significance; and


WHEREAS, lack of project planning and funding for an I-5 bridge replacement project means increasing congestion and delays in the corridor for general traffic, freight mobility and emergency responders for the forthcoming future; and


WHEREAS, an I-5 bridge replacement project is necessary and critical to the economies and quality of life for the residents of Clark County, Southwest Washington and the Vancouver/Portland Metropolitan area; and


WHEREAS, there is not a feasible third bridge and corridor alternative and the discussion of such an alternative simply distracts and diverts attention from the critical and necessary nature of the I-5 bridge replacement project; and


WHEREAS, the 18th LD Democrats believe that an efficient, well planned, multimodal transportation system promotes a healthy economy, environment and community;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we, the 18th LD Democrats, ask that the I-5 bridge replacement project is determined  to be a project that is necessary and critical to the citizens and businesses of Clark County; and


THEREFORE BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that we the 18th LD Democrats, respectfully urges those concerned with mobility along the I-5 corridor to support the expeditious replacement of the I-5 bridge and to discontinue the distracting and counterproductive consideration of a third bridge and corridor alternative.

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