Who We Are



The 18th Legislative District (LD) is at the heart of Clark County.

It includes the communities of Felida, Lakeshore, Salmon Creek, Hazel Dell, Mount Vista, Barberton, Sant John, Five Corners, Sunnyside, Homan, Orchards, Baker, Duluth, Dollars Corner, Meadow Glade, Cherry Grove and the Cities of Battle Ground and Brush Prairie.

Although the 18th LD’s three state positions are currently held by Republicans, the 18th LD Democrats look forward to bringing about a change in that representation.

18th Legislative District Officers:

  • Chair: Bethany Kim-Yin Goodson
  • Vice-Chair: Charles Polacek
  • Secretary: Lisa Henry
  • Treasurer: Owen Thornhill
  • State Committeewoman:  Diana Perez
  • State Committeeman: Thomas Hernandez
  • PCO Coordinator: Michelle Yenderrozos
  • Communications Officer: <vacant>(Jim Robison acting)
  • Volunteer Coordinator: <vacant>
  • Community Affairs Officer: <vacant>
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