Who We Are



The 18th Legislative District (LD) is the largest legislative district wholly in Clark County.

It includes 6 out of the 7 cities in the county and portions of Vancouver and includes all or part of nearly every school and port district in the county. The 18th LD has a rich diversity of small and family-owned businesses, farms, wineries, manufacturers, and retailers. When it comes to outdoor recreation, you name it and we probably have it here in the 18th, from the shores of the Columbia River to the highest mountains in Clark County.

Although the 18th LD’s three state positions are currently held by Republicans, the 18th LD Democrats will be working diligently to give the residents of the district a choice for fair representation.

18th Legislative District Officers:

  • Chair: Candy Bonneville
  • Vice-Chair: Wiley McCallum
  • Secretary: John Latta
  • Treasurer: Xavier Reynolds
  • State Committeewoman:  Jackie Lane
  • State Committeeman: Ian Coker
  • PCO Coordinator: Betty Cooper
  • Communications Officer: Jim Robison
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Liz Campbell
  • Community Affairs Officer: Vacant
  • Fundraising: Mimi Latta
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