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Research and Analysis

Chair: David Barr

The primary scope of this committee is:

  • Statistical Analysis

    • Perform detailed statistical analysis of Primary and General Election results

      • Work with the state party and coordinated campaign workers to gain access to canvassing and phone bank results for cross-tabulation.

    • Cross-reference election results with historical data to form hypotheses that may explain differences in performance year-to-year and between each candidate.

    • Use statistical methods to test hypotheses and form a theoretical explanation for our results in 2016.

  • Electoral Research

    • Analyze and document demographic composition of the 18th LD and its respective areas.

    • Determine and document (partisan) composition of all non-partisan councils and boards in the 18th LD.

    • Collaborate with the Community Affairs Committee to identify open positions in the upcoming election terms that are targets worthy of our electioneering efforts.

    • Identify precincts with positive Democratic performance but low voter identification for targeted identification efforts.


Chair: Mark Hughey

The primary scope of this committee is:

  • Bylaws Review

    • Review current bylaws to ensure compliance with all state statutes and national and state party bylaws and charters.

    • Review collection of statewide County and LD bylaws and recommend changes that would strengthen our organization.

    • Hold semi-annual open work sessions for members and PCOs to ask questions and recommend changes to the existing bylaws.

    • Stay informed of LD bylaws and Robert’s Rules Newly Revised parliamentary procedure, and serve as acting Parliamentarians during all meetings.


Chair: Xavier Reynolds

The primary scope of this committee is:

  • Budget

    • Work with the Treasurer, and relevant committees, to form a budget for LD activities

  • Fundraising

    • Work with Treasurer and Bylaws Committee to suggest appropriate dues quantity for voting members.

    • Determine criteria for waiver of dues for disadvantaged members.

    • Formulate a fundraising plan to exceed budget goals

    • Organize and operate fundraising activities

    • Work to build a campaign kickoff fund ($500 to each candidate, for example)

    • Court and work to get sustaining  donors who can support our party.

    • Make available electronic methods to accept donations

  • Compliance

    • Ensure compliance with PDC and FEC as necessary

Communications & Technology

Chair(s): John Oberg, Ian Coker

The primary scope of this committee is:

  • Communications and Marketing

    • Prepare  quarterly newsletter and blog.

    • Maintain, moderate and keep up to date communication platforms (eg. CCDCC Resources, MailChimp, Facebook (Public and Private Pages), etc.)

    • Develop advertising budget and plan

    • Develop promotional material as necessary

      • Work with fundraising committee to create print material for state and local candidates, for example: City council/school board/legislative slates.

      • Design marketing material for Facebook, website, etc.

    • Increase digital presence

      • Develop SEO plan to drive traffic to website

      • Fully utilize centralized state party digital resources

    • Identify methods to build confidence in the democratic party, and market ourselves as pro-farmer

    • Advertise Democratic successes in the area, particularly in farmer/union/small-business circles in order to boost confidence in the Democratic party

  • Technology

    • Develop and deploy applications and tools to assist in 18th LD efforts.

      • Empower Maps

      • Election Results Map

      • ngpVAN Tools

      • etc.

    • Provide technical support for 18th LD tech resources.

Community Affairs/Outreach

Chair(s): Candy Bonneville, Jim Macrae

The primary scope of this committee is:

  • Community Engagement

    • Identify civic minded organizations and clubs that share our values

    • Help develop and coordinate events and community outreach to pursue 18th LD goals and priorities.

    • Develop relationships with elected officials and report concerns.

    • Create outreach goals

    • Have PCO coordinated coffees for candidates

    • Work to bring confidence to the Democratic party through keeping IDs to SDs up to date on what the Dems are up to locally

    • Work on outreach to schools to build YD clubs in them

  • Candidate recruitment and training

    • Coordinates with the 18th LDCC to recruit qualified nominees for office

    • Develop recommendations for endorsement of candidates

    • Recruit and assist members interested in boards and commissions.

    • Work to lobby the state for more funds and resources

    • Work with fundraising committees to properly train a pool of campaign managers which we could use for multiple campaigns, perhaps pay to send them to a Wellstone training. Keep them in the loop with each other, and coordinate messaging accordingly.

    • Develop a plan through 2020 in order to fill each precinct with trained PCOs, provide elected officials with plans to work their way up to higher ranks, and unseat legislative candidates eventually.  

Volunteer & PCO Coordination

Chair(s): Laureen Burger & Justin Oberg

The primary scope of this committee is:

  • PCO Coordination

    • Develop and carry out PCO recruitment plan

    • Train PCOs in use of VoteBuilder, miniVAN, Canvassing, Phone Banking and Voter Identification

    • Assist PCOs in duties

    • Diffuse messaging to PCOs so people know what democrats are doing for them in office

    • Create training videos and documentation for canvassing and phonebanking

    • Work with communications and fundraising committees to develop campaign literature.

    • Keep PCOs well stocked with campaign materials.

    • Create a “mission statement” for PCOs.

    • Do periodic interviews with PCOs to hold them to their commitments and answer questions.

    • Create a “mentorship” program that connects experienced PCOs to new ones.

    • Increase communication between PCOs.

  • Volunteer Coordination

    • Recruit volunteers and identify areas of interest

    • Collaborate with Communications & Technology committee to convert interested people into volunteers.

    • Maintain volunteer list.

    • Coordinate with Chair, Board and relevant committees to schedule volunteers for 18th LD events and activities.

Legislative Action

Chair: Coralee Bauer

The primary scope of this committee is:

  • Legislative Awareness

    • Keep body informed of important county, state and federal legislative issues

  • Legislative Action

    • Work with partner organizations to organize response efforts

    • Write letters to the editor (LTE) to raise public awareness

    • Assist PCOs and volunteers with LTE

    • Organize annual lobbying day in Olympia

    • Assist members and PCOs in writing resolutions to be submitted to the WSDCC

Meeting Planning

Chair: Vacant

The primary scope of this committee is:

  • Meeting time and location review

    • Poll PCOs and members to determine if our current meeting time should be changed.

    • Locate and reserve a meeting locations, with little or no cost, capable of accommodating the average attendance of last 6 meetings.

    • Locate a secondary meeting location for socializing before or after general meeting.

  • Meeting content

    • Work with community affairs committee to identify interesting and/or educational speakers to present at meetings.

    • Coordinate with other committees for optimal exposure and advertisement of upcoming meeting.

  • Meeting Accessibility

    • Find innovative and inexpensive ways to increase accessibility of the party to members with disabilities.
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