Washington State 18th Legislative District Democratic Committee Bylaws


Version 2021-­01

Revised March 17, 2021



Section 1 18th Legislative District Democratic Committee Bylaws
Section 2 Version History and Revision Notes
Cumulative list of revisions to the Bylaws by version number
Section 3 Bylaws Addendum and Reference
Supporting Documents & Resources for the Bylaws
3.1 WASDCC Bylaws (Reference)
3.2 Rules for Virtual or Synchronistic Meetings – WA 18th LD Democratic Committee (Reference)
3.3 Revised Code of Washington (Specifically, RCW Chapter 29A.80, “Political Parties”)
3.4 Washington State Democrats PCO Handbook


Washington State 18th Legislative District Democratic Committee Bylaws

We the 18th Legislative District Democratic Central Committee do hereby organize
ourselves as a political committee and adopt the following Bylaws. Our organization will
comply with and operate within the rules and governance set by the Washington State
Democratic Party and state law. For matters not covered expressly by these Bylaws or
standing rules adopted by the 18LDDCC, “Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised” will
prevail at all 18LDDCC meetings.

Our organization shall be known as the 18th Legislative District Democratic Central Committee

2.1 To elect Democrats in the 18th Legislative district.
2.2 To promote Democratic values in the 18th Legislative District.
2.3 To increase membership in the Democratic Party in the 18th Legislative District.

3.1 All 18th Legislative District (18LD) residents who are registered voters or who are under the age
of 18 and intend to register when eligible; and who declare themselves to be a Democrat are eligible
to be members of the 18th Legislative District Democratic Central Committee.
3.2 Voting members (Members) of the 18LDDCC include:
3.2.1 Elected, Appointed and Acting Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) as defined in the WA State
Democratic Central Committee PCO Handbook.
3.2.2 Elected officers of the 18LDDCC Executive Board as defined in Article 7 and Committee Chairs
listed in Article 8 of these Bylaws.
3.2.3 Democratic officials elected to partisan offices who reside in the 18LD.
3.2.4 General members who are in good standing with dues paid for at least 15 days or have received
a waiver of dues in accordance with Article 4 of these Bylaws.
3.3 Members are responsible for keeping their contact information correct with the organization’s

4.1 Annual membership dues are determined by 18LDDCC vote no later than the first meeting of the
calendar year for that calendar year. Dues are not pro-rated.
4.2 Members may petition the Chairperson for an annual waiver of dues which expires at the end of
the calendar year it was granted.


5.1 Quorum: Once a quorum is established for any meeting, the Chair need not entertain a quorum
call until all business included in the adopted agenda for the meeting has been transacted. (Ref.
WASDCC Bylaws.)
5.2 Regular Meetings for the 18LDDCC are held monthly.
5.2.1 Members will be given 5 days' notice of regular meeting times and places through e--mail and 18LDDCC
online sites.
5.2.2 Regular meetings are open to the public except when voted into executive session by a
majority of the members present. Executive Session shall be called to discuss member
conflicts or personnel issues. When appropriate, results of any Executive Session shall be
reported to the 18LDDCC members.
5.2.3 For Regular meetings, 20% of the membership shall constitute a quorum.
5.3 Executive Board Meetings are held at the request of the 18LDDCC Chairperson, or by written
request of 3 board members.
5.3.1 Executive board meetings are open to the public but may enter into closed session by
majority vote of the Executive board members present. Executive Session shall be called to
discuss member conflicts or personnel issues. When appropriate, results of any executive
session shall be reported to the 18LDDCC members.
5.3.2 For Executive board meetings, 60% of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.
5.4 Biennial Reorganization Meetings shall take place in December or January following each WA
state general election held in even-numbered years, in compliance with the State of Washington
Democratic Party State Charter and Bylaws, and applicable WA state statutes (at least 7 days before
WSDCC reorganization).
5.5 Synchronistic Meetings: The 18LDDCC, 18LDDCC Executive Board, and any standing or special
committees may hold synchronistic meetings provided:
5.5.1 Proper notice has been given for the meeting.
5.5.2 The meeting is conducted in such a way that all members participating can hear each
other at the same time.
5.5.3 Rules have been adopted to specify the equipment required to participate, as well as
methods for seeking recognition, obtaining the floor, submitting motions in writing,
determining the presence of a quorum, and taking and verifying votes.
5.6 Special Meetings: Special meetings may be called by the Chair or by the Executive Board, or by
at least 7 18LDDCC members, provided that due notice is mailed or emailed to each member of the
18LDDCC at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting date. An emergency meeting may be called
without the seven (7) day notice provided that a good faith effort is made to notify all central
committee members prior to the meeting.

6.1 Biennial Reorganization Meetings voting procedures shall be in compliance with the State of
Washington Democratic Party State Charter and Bylaws, and applicable WA state statutes.
6.2 Members as defined in Article 3.2 of these Bylaws are entitled to one vote each.
6.3 Proxy and absentee voting are not allowed.
6.4 A “50% plus one” simple majority vote shall prevail unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws.
6.5 Voting by written ballot on a specific issue shall be allowed if two or more Members petition the
Chairperson before the vote is taken.
6.6 In addition to the provisions of Article 5.4 (Synchronistic Meetings), electronic voting may be
used for any voting process required by the Executive Board under these Bylaws. Such electronic
voting shall be authorized by vote of the Board for matters to come before the Membership, or
authorized by the Chair for matters to come before the Board.

7.1 The Executive Officers of the 18LDDCC shall be elected for a two-year term during the
reorganization meeting held in December or January following each state general election held in
even-numbered years. The Executive Officers listed in this article, in addition to the Committee
Chairs described in Article 8, and Other Committee Chairs described in Article 9 at the discretion
of the 18LDDCC Chair, comprise the 18LDDCC Executive Board (Board).
7.2 Executive officer positions and duties are:
7.2.1 Chair
a) Directs the affairs of the 18LDDCC as its chief executive officer
b) Is an ex officio member of all 18LDDCC committees
c) Serves as the presiding officer at all 18LDDCC Meetings
d) Represents the 18LDDCC on the Clark County DCC Executive Board
e) The 18LDDCC Chair may appoint an assistant for the Treasurer. The Treasurer may assign
tasks for the assistant with exception of access to committee funds.
7.2.2 Vice Chair
a) Must be of differing gender from the Chair
b) In the absence of the Chair, or in the event of a vacancy in that office or the disability of the
incumbent, perform the duties of the Chair.
c) Develop and maintain committee chair job descriptions, assist committee chairs with
required reports and outlines and perform such other responsibilities as the SCC or its
Executive Committee or the Chair may from time-to-time delegate.

7.2.3 Secretary
a) Keeps a record of all 18LDDCC Meetings
b) Maintains the 18LDDCC membership roll and member contact information.
c) Maintains 18LDDCC Bylaws.
7.2.4 Treasurer
a) Supervises 18LDDCC financial affairs and maintains financial records
b) Prepares and files Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) reports, as required by law; and
keeps current with PDC regulations and requirements.
c) Collects and disburses funds and provides a financial accounting report to the membership
at Regular meetings
d) Maintains a list of dues-paying members and provides it to the Secretary.
7.2.5 State Committee Representatives
a) Represent the 18LDDCC at State Central Committee meetings.
b) The State Committee Representatives shall consist of two state committee members of
differing genders elected by 18LDDCC.
c) Members shall be elected to terms of two (2) years. They shall have an equal voice and vote
at the SCC. The gender of committee members shall be presumed to remain the same for all
purposes and in all party proceedings during their terms.
d) In the event that the 18LDDCC organization fails to elect such a representative, the chair (or
the chair’s designee) shall be the representative on the SCC.

8.1 Communications Coordinator
a) Coordinates with Chairperson and Board to create and maintain an online presence for the
b) Publicizes 18LDDCC activities and events to the members and media
8.2 PCO Coordinator
a) Recruits, trains, and assists 18LDDCC PCOs
b) Notifies the Clark County Elections office of PCO status changes.
c) Develops and coordinates PCO training programs for the 18LDDCC

8.3 Community Affairs Chairperson
a) Coordinates with the 18LDDCC to recruit qualified nominees for office
b) Helps develop and coordinate events and community outreach to pursue 18LDDCC goals
and priorities
c) Maintains the 18LDDCC Meetings and Events Calendar
8.4 Volunteer Coordinator
a) Contacts and qualifies volunteers for service with the 18LDDCC
b) Maintains the 18LDDCC Volunteer Contact List
c) Coordinates with the Chairperson and Board to schedule volunteers for 18LDDCC
sponsored or related events and activities

9.1 Standing Committee chairs should provide a list of committee members to the 18LDDCC
Secretary. All chairs within 45 days of their confirmation should provide the 18LDDCC
Chair an outline of their committee goals. All standing committee chairs serve at the will of
the 18LDDCC Chair and the Executive Committee. Committee chairs may be volunteers or
may be recommended by an 18LDDCC member.
The following are examples of Standing Committees:
Finance Committee - Plans, develops, and manages fundraising activities. It prepares and
develops the budget for the central committee. It shall conduct and oversee the timely audit of
the Treasurer’s reports and filing to the PDC.
Organization Committee - Provides leadership and support for party building, issue
campaigns and candidate support.
Outreach Committee - Partners and cooperates with organizations whose values agree with
the 18LDDCC such as Labor, minority representative groups public service organizations with
like values, goals, and interests.
Candidate Development Committee - Identifies and supports Democratic candidates for all
elected offices in the Legislative District (not just partisan offices). Provides a documented
mechanism for vetting candidates and bringing them to the attention of the Chair and
Executive Board.

9.2 Special Committees
All special committee chairs should provide a list of committee members to the 18LDDCC
Secretary. All chairs within 45 days of their confirmation should provide the 18LDDCC Chair
an outline of their committee goals. All special committee chairs serve at the will of the
18LDDCC Chair or Standing Committee chair and the Executive Board.
a) Budget Committee - Serves as a subcommittee of the Finance Committee to prepare an
annual budget with projected revenue and expenditures by financial category and submits
that budget to the Central Committee for adoption
Other Special Committees can include, but are not limited to, the following:
Affirmative Action Picnic Committee Parade Committee
Holiday Party Committee Young Democrats Communications

Removal of a Legislative District Committee officer from office may be accomplished by the following
10.1: Any officer may resign from office by submitting a written resignation which shall become
effective upon the approval of the membership of the 18LDDCC.
10.2: Any officer may be removed from office for failure to discharge the duties of the office to the
satisfaction of the membership provided:
a) The charges for removal are in writing and signed by at least five (5) elected PCOs.
b) The officer so charged and the membership at-large received written notice of the charges
mailed at least ten (10) days before the meeting at which the charges are to be addressed.
c) The officer charged has the opportunity to address the membership.
d) A two-thirds majority of the members present and voting cast ballots in favor of removal.

11.1 As defined by the Washington State Democratic Central Committee PCO Handbook, the
responsibility of the PCO is to deliver the Democratic vote in his/her precinct. How that is
accomplished depends on the needs of the precinct. Activities may include but are not limited to:
11.1.1 Canvassing and phone banking their precinct in coordination with 18LDDCC and
Democratic Party goals
11.1.2 Coordinating with campaigns in educating voters and generating interest in elections.
11.1.3 Attending 18LDDCC, PCO and Clark County DCC meetings, events, and training
11.1.4 Assisting with 18LDDCC voter registration, identification and related initiatives and
11.2 Additional expectations and applicable legal requirements set by WA state statute are included
in the Bylaws Addendum.

12.1 The 18LDDCC is permitted to endorse by majority vote:
12.1.1 Individuals running as Democrats for elected office in partisan races.
12.1.2 Individuals running for elected office in non‐partisan races, State, County, City and local
Initiatives and ballot measures.

13.1 Funds contributed to or raised by the 18LDDCC for targeted distribution for a specific event,
cause or candidate must be voted on by the Board. The vote will be by email, with a majority vote of
Board Members responding within 7 days of notice by email.
13.2 Distribution of funds over the amount of $500, if not part of a previously approved budget, must
be voted on by the membership. All funds distributed over $200 must be co‐signed or co‐
documented by the Treasurer and one other Board member.
13.3 The Board may order a financial review anytime by majority vote.
13.3.1 When ordering a review, the Chair will appoint the following members to the Financial
Review Committee: a Board member and two general members
13.3.2 The Financial Review Committee will organize and oversee the review and report the
results to the board and general membership within 3 months of the review being ordered.
13.4 Disbanding or Dissolution of the Organization
13.4.1 If the members of the 18th LD Democratic Central Committee decide to dissolve the
organization it shall be in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised and is in
effect a motion to rescind the Bylaws, thus requiring the same procedure as a change to the
Bylaws. On said dissolution, then upon the settlement of all debts, any remaining funds shall
be remitted to the WA State Democratic Central Committee Organization. [Reference RONR
(11th ed.), p. 564, lines 6-22.]

14.1 Amendments and modifications to these Bylaws are permitted by 18LDDCC Members who
follow the procedure defined in Article 14.2.
14.2 Procedure for amending the 18LDDCC Bylaws:
14.2.1 The proposed change shall be submitted in writing at a regularly scheduled meeting by
an 18LDDCC Member.
14.2.2 The proposed change shall be published in the meeting minutes and distributed to the
18LDDCC at least 10 days prior to the next Regular meeting.
14.2.3 At the next Regular Meeting, the 18LDDCC shall vote on the change with a 2/3rds
majority of members present required for ratification.
14.2.4 The Secretary will make the necessary changes in the 18LDDCC Bylaws, update the
Bylaws version number and revision, and post the new version of the Bylaws as the current
and active version.
14.2.5 The secretary may make non-material orthographic corrections to the Bylaws, subject to
a majority approval of the Executive Board.


 This section contains Version history and revision notes for all changes to the 18LDCC Bylaws.













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7.2.10 a,b,c

Adding the new position of Volunteer Coordinator to the Executive Board



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